Tuesday, 24 November 2015


A few months ago, after finding myself in "new mommy" rut, I set some goals for myself. I wanted to lose some weight and get healthy, I wanted to create an easy to pull off look and I needed to figure out what I was going to do when my maternity leave ended. 

Pregnancy may have changed my shape but was not responsible for the pounds I accumulated since we got married. A friend was running an 8 week healthy lifestyle challenge so I signed up. It was really good for me and I lost 18lb. I am going to run another challenge group in January and try to get back to a better weight.

I share this only because I really wasn't happy with my body here. 

I cleaned my closet out of things I wasn't wearing due to size or style. I added a few basic pieces from my beloved Costco and tried to have things that I could easily put together in an outfit that wasn't sloppy and looked cute. I even try to get dressed most days rather than chilling in sweats. 

My hair was a real problem. Since having 
Jack my hair had become very dry. It felt like straw and about month four the shedding began. I wore my hair in a bun for months. I hated the feel of it and it didn't look nice. At the end of September a friend introduced me to MONAT and in a few weeks my hair was super soft again and I wanted to wear it down again. 

I started putting makeup on again regularly, but wanted a simple look that was easy. I was using up what I had in my makeup drawer but was missing some of my favourite quick look pieces. Lip liner or lip stain are musts for me since Lyle really dislikes "goopy lip stuff" that comes off. I had tried Younique mascara in the past, I only thought it was ok. My friend Steph introduced me to the lip products that have staying power. That was the hook for me! I ordered a bunch of products from her and then later decided maybe I wanted a discount on future purchases.

So the short end to the story is I signed up as a representative for both companies. Yes you will probably see me post about them. I love both product lines and they have allowed me to look more put together on a much shorter time budget. I would love to be able to stay home with Jack and any potential siblings for the first few years. If this happens to provide that potential all the better. I may invite you to events or to a group. I won't be offended if you don't accept or leave. If you are interested I would love to help you. I have found something that is working to help me achieve my goals, and I am happy about that!

Feeling much cuter :)

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